We have winter practices scheduled for the first Sunday of each month at Boonslick Performance Horses' Indoor Arena, starting in January 2018. Details for these practices are: 

  •  Dates are January 7th, February 4th, and March 4th.
  • Please RSVP if you can, to or on our club facebook page. 
  • In case of inclement weather we will cancel. Just being cold doesn't count unless it's below 20 degrees. 
  • Start time is 1pm, we'll run until about 4pm or 5pm. 
  • Cost is $10 per horse for club members, $15 per horse for non members.
  • Bring your own ammo, or double check that we'll have club ammo available for purchase there. 
    • If you need to buy club ammo and you are NOT a current club member, the minimum amount sold is a bag of 250 rounds, and that has an additional surcharge of $20.00 per bag. Club members may purchase any amount they wish at cost.
  • Everyone needs to blow up their own balloons and retrieve their own sticks. If it's easier, swap out with a buddy and do each-others.
    • This isn't a firm rule, more like a suggestion so no one gets stuck working the entire time, but we will call you out on it if you don't pitch in at least a little bit. Hate to do that but we can't have our worker bees getting burned out, there won't be anymore fun for anyone if that happens!

Directions to Boonslick Performance Horses Indoor Arena